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Into the Lavender

Into the Lavender


Our lavender farm  is located in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria, on the southern bank of the lower Danube River, just outside the village of Brenitsa. The combination of 2 climates - continental and Mediateranian, nourished by the warm wind from the Aegean and Black sea shapes the valley uniqueness of strength and finesse.


The region is blessed with natural springs, traditions and legends about the name - Dobrudzha. One of the stories is about the 14th‑century Bulgarian ruler, Despot Dobrotitsa, who gave the region its name.  Another says that the name means "good lands", derived from the Slavic word for good ("dobro"). The Bulgarians compare the richness of the soil and the strength of these lands to gold so they called it Golden Dobrudzha.


For our family, this place is more than stunning natural scenery, pristine landscapes and impressive stories.  It is our home.  Our life.

And it happened to have the ideal conditions for lavender.

And here we are.


Into the Lavender.

Into the Lavender



We  grow several varieties of Bulgarian lavender, landscaped into beautiful gardens and integrated into the natural beauty of the rural setting. We have nearly 150 hectares of lavender under cultivation and all the species we grow - Druzhba, Hemus, Sevtopolis and Raya are valued for the high quality oil with an irresistible scent widely used in cosmetic and medical products.


We are committed to practicing ecologically sensitive growing methods in order to protect and respect the natural heritage values of the countryside and its wildlife. Through our stewardship, we utilize manual weed control. We extract the lavender oil by the age-old method of steam distillation used by the Bulgarian lavender producers for generations.

Into the Lavender



The gentle, mesmerizing aroma of the Bulgarian lavender oil is one of the most famous fragrances used for aromatherapy, cosmetics, pharmacy and perfumery. To unlock the beauty of the lavender fragrance stored in the tiny glands at the base of each floret and contained in its oil, we have built our own steam distillery to separate the oil from the plant material.


The stills are loaded to capacity by hand with lavender flowers using pitchforks. Steam generated in the boiler is then passed through the still. The heat of the steam causes the oil in the flowers to vaporize and the oil vapour travels with the steam into the condenser to be cooled and to condenses back into liquid. The liquid mixture of water and oil flows into the separator where the oil rises to the top and is ready to be skimmed.



Into the Lavender



Our pure lavender oil is a clear and natural product with a sweet and fruity aroma.

The pure lavender oil we produce, like other lavender essential oils, is well-known for being one of the most versatile essential oils. It has a balanced fragrance between the dry herbal lavender essential oil and the very sweet high altitude lavender essential oil.  It is sweet enough for cosmetic product lines and a perfect choice for therapeutic relaxation and healing products.


Our pure lavender oil is certified by the Bulgarian Government Laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants in Kazanlak, Bulgaria - one of world's premier research and certification authorities. Orders are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis and Quality along with the harvest year and production batch details.


Buy 100% pure essential Lavender oil






at 25° C: 1.4540~1.4740



at 30° C: 0.8470~0.8630



excessive heat, open flames or other sources of ignition



colorless or pale yellow liquid



floral, dense, fine, specific for the Bulgarian attar of lavender



in tightly sealed containers without direct exposure to at heat sources at 5-20° C

We produce and distill the highest quality lavender essential oi

ls extracted by steam distillation. Minimum order quantity 180kg iron drum.

We produce 100% Pure Essential lavender Oil.


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Into the Lavender



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